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Alpha Launch 2021.09.21

Do better research. Don't spend a dollar.

Empowering DIY investors at every step of their investment process with comprehensive data, analysis tools, and collaborative features — all for free.

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Screenshot of the INVRS home page, including the social feed and stock market data

Everything that current investment research offerings are not.

Built by DIY investors, for DIY investors. Designed to simplify and improve the research process.

Save time

Your entire research process just moved under one roof. Go ahead, close those extra tabs.

Save money

Keep your money. Earn premium data and tools for free by using the app.

Work together

The first research platform built for end-to-end collaboration. DIY doesn't mean do-it-alone.

Learn from others

Let investors from our intelligent community fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Win contests

Share your best research to win money and free promotion in one of our recurring contests!

Invest smarter

No "get rich quick" schemes here. Join a community focused on building long-term wealth.

Source an idea

Your next investment awaits. Find your next investment target, reputable follow suggestions, and the day's market overview in the feed.

Screenshot of the INVRS home page, including the social feed and stock market data

Conduct your analysis

Validate your thesis with our powerful suite of data and analytcial tools covering all North American stocks and funds.

Pictures of INVRS' many analysis tools, including comparison charts, insider data, earnings history, analyst ratings, financial charts, and price charts
INVRS overview page on Tesla stock, showing some of the many analysis capabilities as well as users discussing the company's outlook

DIT investing

Do-it-together investing is what INVRS was built for. Work with your peers and the community to crowdsource investment ideas and analysis.

Discuss your findings

Battle test your ideas by sharing them via chat, groups, or to the entire INVRS community!

Users discussing whether they agree or disagree with a note (long piece of research) done by another user
A picture showing that you can connect your North American investment account to INVRS.

Analyze your holdings

Securely connect your investment account to monitor and analyze your portfolio in ways you've never been able to before.

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Take your investment research to the next level.

INVRS empowers the DIY investor. Idea sourcing, analysis, collaboration, discussion, and portfolio monitoring — all in one platform, all for free.

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