We believe that excellent analysis depends on four key ideas:

  • working with unique, proprietary models is an important method for finding valuable, non-public information;
  • peer-based analysis is superior to single-stock analysis;
  • test a hypothesis before deploying capital;
  • monitor the outcome of your analysis.
Our mission is to provide you with that four-fold foundation.

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Good Information Gives You an Edge

What is good information?

Good information is useful, predictive and something the rest of the market does not have. 
Obviously material, non-public information is not an option, but by using the mosaic theory, a skilled analyst can take publicly available information, strip it down, re-combine it and discover something new.  
She can find the private story in the public information.

There are three levels of information.

At the top is the rarest and best information.  It’s not bought and sold and therefore not priced in.  It’s information hidden in plain site, information you discover.

The middle level includes information synthesized by third parties and available for a fee, usually offered as a subscription service to premium research or access to software.  It’s partially priced in, depending on its quality and freshness.

At the bottom of the pyramid is information that is freely available, easy to find and already priced in.

We make it easy for you to build, test and run your proprietary, information-discovering models. With INVRS you can develop:

  • Valuation models
  • Quality of earnings models
  • Factor-based models
  • Growth models
  • Momentum models
  • Anything else you can imagine

You can experiment and fine-tune your work. When you build it yourself you know it is free of errors and built to your exact specifications.

Peer-Based Analysis Helps You Realize Your Strategy

Analyzing a single stock is important to the overall health of financial markets, but if you need to find the best in class (or the worst) peer-based analysis is vital.

Imagine being able to take a complex or multi-step analysis and run it against a large group of companies to find the one you require to realize your strategy or to improve a client’s portfolio.

When coupled with vertical and horizontal analysis, peer-based analysis lets you realize a three-dimensional perspective: across financials (vertical), across time (horizontal) and across companies (depth).

Testing Gives You Confidence by Increasing Your Probability of Success

Nobody has a crystal ball, and nobody bats 1000.

A good analyst knows this, and he also knows that success in investing comes from weighting probabilities.

Back-testing your models before committing capital increases your probability of success and builds your confidence.

Monitor the Outcome

Here’s a scenario. You are looking for an investment in a specific sector.  
You run your models, you draw a conclusion and you take action.   Don’t just watch that stock in isolation, observe its performance with the peer group you analyzed it with.
Answer the following important questions:

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