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INVRS Investment Research Software is a web-based application that vastly improves the process of investment analysis.

We designed INVRS for investment professionals who want to build, test, and run their own custom investment models. Our unique architecture facilitates peer-based analysis, and our graphing module lets you visualize the outcome of your work.

With INVRS you can back-test models before committing capital. Once operational, you can monitor how actual results compare to expectations.



Do you spend hours collecting data from various websites?

Do you ever experience breakage in your Excel models or need to re-connect data to your calculations?

Have you ever lost valuable information in the process of re-using an Excel model?

Building models manually in Excel costs you in time and frustration.  INVRS is built specifically to address the needs of investment analysts with intuitive and flexible model building software.

To learn more, read our blog post, 11 reasons why INVRS is better than using Excel alone.

INVRS is better than having a team of engineers creating your algorithms.

Hiring developers is expensive, time intensive and inflexible.  You are dependent on someone else every time you want to make a change.

INVRS merges the flexibility of Excel with the power of software designed specifically for stock research.


Building a model in INVRS is easy. Models are created as “analysis templates” and they can be used repeatedly.

FIRST select the data you want.

You can choose from financial statement information, market and price data as well as pre-calculated statistics such as enterprise value.

NEXT - write the calculations.

Write the calculations using simple intuitive mathematical operators.  You don’t need to learn a programming language or an obscure nomenclature.

FINALLY, run the model.

Run the model against a portfolio.  A portfolio could have a one stock in it, or hundreds. INVRS helps you quickly build a portfolio of related companies, so even if you have a target company in mind, you can see how it compares to its peers – a powerful tool in investment analysis.

INVRS liberates you from the painful, time-consuming process of gathering data and building fragile models in Excel.  In addition to this core feature, INVRS also :

Opens the world of peer-based analysis

A powerful tool, but one that up until now was costly and time consuming to perform manually. INVRS makes it easy - just one click.

Lets you create charts of your analyses

The INVRS graphing feature helps you to visualize, understand and communicate your findings. Your charts can be ordered, annotated and bench-marked.

Lets you make notes, reports or articles

Depending on your needs, you can augment them with graphs, charts, videos or pictures.

Archives every analysis you run automatically

Creating an easy to search audit trail.

Lets you Backtest and Monitor your results

Test your models beforehand and monitor your conclusions after.

Keeps You Organized

Create workspaces and categorize your various analysis themes.

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For many users, your investment in INVRS is tax deductible. Talk to your accountant.

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